The 3rd Annual Conference on Transport, Trade and Services Studies (ATTSS)
17-18 November 2014 (Monday - Tuesday)
Since 2012, CTFS organized the 1st and the 2nd ATTSS with phenomenal success. This event engaged renowned scholars, professionals and young researchers from all over the world, demonstrated great passion and commitment to the development and improvement of local, regional and international shipping and aviation, trade and finance, innovation and technology industries.
The theme of the 3rd ATTSS is Big Data World of Transport and Trade Logisitics.
Through this event, about 35 speakers from high education institutions of Canada, Hong Kong, Korea, Mainland China, Singapore, Slovenia, UK , Uniited Nations and USA ; and 65 participants from local industries and universities will come together and share their research studies on updated issues like
  1. Transport and Trade Logistics
  2. Transport and Trade Finance and Economics
  3. Transport and Trade Insurance and Financial Services
  4. Sustainable Transport, Enterprise and Technology,
  5. Trans-ocean and Transcontinental Logistics, and
  6. Maritime and Transportation Law and Legal Services

Event Details
Time: 09:00 – 18:00
Venue: Connie Fan Multi-media Conference Room, 4/F, Cheng Yick-chee Building, City University of Hong Kong
Format: Conference
Organiser: Centre for Transport, Trade and Financial Studies (CTFS), City University of Hong Kong (CityU)
Admission for ALMC Delegates: HKD2,000 / USD257
Contact: Ms Florence Chan
Tel: +852 3442 9359